Chlorophyll - A Deodorant Alternative

Chlorophyll is the pigment found in plants that give them their green color as well as convert light into a source of energy. It is commonly called ‘the blood of plants’ primarily due to the fact that is shares an almost identical structure to human heme. It is so similar that people often make the mistake of assuming that it can replace human blood, which is of course untrue.

It does however have several beneficial uses to humans. One of them is the ability to reduce body, breath and foot odors. Deodorant effects are mainly done through the use of chlorophyllin; a water soluble derivative of chlorophyll. Due to its water solubility, it has a higher absorption rating for humans. It is able to actually neutralize the compounds responsible for odor, and remove them before they can be emitted from the body. In addition, chlorophyllin is comprised of a copper molecule. Studies have shown copper to have antibacterial effects. As we know, bacteria is one of the major contributors of malodor.

Both of these properties make chlorophyll both unique and effective as a means to get rid of unwanted odors.

Chlorophyll was first used as an odor treatment back in the 1950s when it was a way to reduce fecal and urine odors in hospital patients. One doctor in particular by the name of Franklin Westcott theorized that it might also work on everyday body and breath odors. Using a group of test patients, he had them apply a chorophyll preparation immediately after bathing. After 24 hours he had them take body odor readings using an osmoscope. He found that body odor was reduced either by half or completely. He then went on to repeat the experiement using onion juice as a means to test its effect on breath odor. His findings were similar to his body odor study.

Chlorophyll as a deodorant alternative is best taken via a chlorophyll supplement. They are readily available at most health food store and pharmacy outlets. This concentrated dose provides the recommended amount of active ingredient to provide an effective remedy for body, breath and foot odor. Most supplements come in tablet form with each tablet consisting of anywhere from 75 to 100mg of chorophyllin.

Do Your Feet Stink?

Toe Jams.  If you're familiar with that term chances are either you have a food odor problem or you know someone who does.  Unlike body odor or bad breath, stinky feet are much easier to self diagnose.  Not that you should go around smelling your feet, but when you take off your shoes, it's fairly evident as to whether or not it's smelling a bit funky down there.

While it can be an embarassing problem to have, there are several things that can be done to alleviate the situation.  Washing your feet is a good place to start.  Sounds simple, but there's a good reason to make an effort to make sure your walkers are exceptionally clean.  Bacteria that live on the surface of the skin love to feed on sweat and dead skin that accumulate throughout the day.  As they feed, they release waste.  This waste is what causes odor.  Using a good antibacterial soap will help to control bacteria growth and in turn limit the amount of waste that they produce.  It is important to remember to scrub in between those toes as well as the heel of the foot.  Bacteria love to hide in those cracks and if left unattended, will continue to do what they do.

In addition to proper cleaning, controlling sweat is another way to tackle foot odor.  Wear shoes and socks that allow for air to pass to and fro freely.  Synthetic fabric socks tend to trap heat in more so than natural fiber socks and thus cause your feet to sweat more.  Foot powders are also useful for controlling sweat. For those of you who have your shoes on for extended periods of time, it wouldn't be a bad idea to remove your shoes even if just for a few minutes to allow them to cool.

It is also recommended that you don't wear the same shoes in consecutive days.  By alternating footwear you allow them to dry and air out properly. 

These simple and effective steps can go a long way towards getting rid of those stinky feet.  It's also useful information to pass along to anyone that you might know with a food odor issue.  You'd not only be doing them a favor, but yourself as well.


Natural Deodorant for your Breath

 Strange as it may sound, there is actually a breath deodorant that does exactly what you think... it prevents your breath from stinking.  The product is called Body Mint.  It's a chlorophyllin based dietary supplement that works not just as a bad breath treatment, but also remedies body odor and foot odor, all at the same time.  It uses a proprietary blend of chlorophyllin as well as other ingredients and according to their website, they use a specialized manufacturing process which makes them different and better than other products of a similar nature.  Considering they've been featured on CNN and national publications like Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune and others, I'd be inclined to agree.

Before getting into how it works, it is important to understand what causes bad breath.  Assuming that you brush your teeth daily, floss and visit  the dentist regularly, chances are the bad breath you experience isn't related to poor dental hygiene.  In fact, most bad breath odors come from inside of us.  It can come from foods that we eat, medication, medical conditions and from compounds produced naturally by the body.  The most common and notorious are known as sulfides or volatile sulfur compounds.  They get absorbed into the blood and lungs and are released through the mouth.  This is why sometimes not long after brushing, our breath starts to have an egg like smell to it. 

Body Mint eliminates this by having the ability to absorb sulfur compounds inside the body thus preventing them from being absorbed and released from the mouth.  The key is its chlorophyllin formula.  Chlorophyllin has actually been used for many years by doctors to treat fecal odor in patients.  It is a very powerful natural deodorizer.  It also works 24/7.  Taking two pills per day provides enough formula to keep odors at bay all day long.  Another great benefit is that Body Mint doesn't contain any artificial chemcials or ingredients.  Everything in it is derived from nature. 


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